Life at High Park

Toronto is our home, it's where are roots are currently laid and yes, it is busy and it has some of the most insane, pull your hair out traffic but every once and while if you really search for it, there are some beautiful parts.

This summer we spent a majority of our mornings walking through High Park. Carter is able to run wild and free and I am able to take the slow pace that I am becoming more and more accustomed to.

This park has become my serenity in the city. Being able to be surrounded by trees and to walk in the shade has cleared my mind, and kept me calm.

Life at High Park can be a place for those of us craving a little time outside and away from all the bloor street bustle or the downtown hustle.

Life at High Park is where you will find us taking in the bird calls, the sunlight through the leaves and strolling around at our own pace.